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Marketing Research

Marketing Research

Our Marketing Research services cover the entire marketing cycle, starting with identifying the market needs, up to the evaluation of customer service and satisfaction. Our service is designed to help you achieve your business objectives. We provide you with measurable quantitative and in-depth qualitative results which are then translated into actionable solutions for you to implement.

Market Feasibility

  • Target market profiling
  • Market evaluation
  • Competitive and competitor analysis
  • Needs analysis

Marketing Strategy and Planning

  • Target market profiling
  • Market segmentation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Consumer awareness, usage, behaviour and attitude         study
  • Shoppers study
  • Lifestyle research

Marketing Analysis

  • Distribution network study
  • Pricing sensitivity study
  • Product and packaging research
  • Communication / promotion study

Media & Advertisement Communication Development and Evaluation

  • Advert/Communication concept evaluation
  • Advert effectiveness evaluation pre and post testing
  • A&P effectiveness monitoring

Mystery Shopping Programme

  • Customer service evaluation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Company standards and procedures evaluation

Sales Research

  • Customer satisfaction measurement / monitoring

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